Don't Let Probate Be a Headache

If a trust is not created or beneficiary designations are not made on assets, a probate filing may be required to transfer assets to family members. Detailed court filings are generally required. Knowledge of the probate law and court system is required to efficiently guide an estate through the process.

Complete Your Executor Responsibilities

Make Robert N. Feldmann your probate attorney in the Webster Groves, MO area

Were you named the executor of a loved one's will? You don't have to handle that responsibility alone. Robert N. Feldmann, P.C. is a probate attorney serving Webster Groves, MO and all of St. Louis.

Attorney Feldmann knows there are many ways to handle the probate process. He'll look over your specific situation and develop the best plan of action. His goal is to handle the probate process quickly without compromising on quality.

Reach out to attorney Feldmann today to get started.

Why turn to a probate attorney in the Webster Groves, MO area?

Why turn to a probate attorney in the Webster Groves, MO area?

Attorney Feldmann started his own firm in 1999. He approaches each probate law case with a wealth of experience. He can help you:

  • Identify probate and nonprobate assets
  • Sort out income tax issues
  • Settle executor and beneficiary disputes
Attorney Feldmann tries to make himself available whenever you need him. Call him right away at 314-963-2039 to complete the probate process as quickly as possible.