Family Law Can Be a Difficult Topic

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage is a complex area of the law and driven by strong emotions. The focus needs to be on preparation of detailed information to prepare for negotiations, possible hearings or, hopefully, a mutually beneficial settlement. Complete and honest exchange of information is essential. When children are involved great care must be taken to arrange custody that is appropriate for both parents and sensible for the children. Division of assets presents tough decisions that will impact the future of all parties. Continuous and consistent communication is vital between lawyer and client. Careful explanations to the client of court procedures and predictable events make the process more manageable.

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Turn to a divorce attorney in Webster Groves, MO or the surrounding area

Whether contested or uncontested, divorces aren’t easy situations to go through. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle a divorce alone. Robert N. Feldmann, P.C. is home to a trusted divorce attorney. Attorney Feldmann can handle a variety of family law matters in Webster Groves, MO and all of St. Louis.

Attorney Feldmann keeps himself available on a daily basis to guide you through your divorce. He’ll break down the process and different options to give you a clear picture.

You won’t have to worry about attorney Feldmann pushing ideas on you. He’s here to advise and educate so you can make the best decisions for yourself. Call him now at 314-963-2039 to start the process.

3 reasons to hire a divorce attorney in Webster Groves, MO

3 reasons to hire a divorce attorney in Webster Groves, MO

Along with divorces, attorney Feldmann can handle child custody and child support matters. You’ll appreciate working with attorney Feldmann because:

  1. He knows the ins and outs of family law in Missouri.
  2. He’ll work hard to represent your best interests.
  3. He’ll file the proper court documents in a timely manner.
Attorney Feldmann can work with clients from all over St. Louis. Reach out to the office today to find out how attorney Feldmann can help you.