Meet Robert Feldmann

Born and raised in St. Louis I graduated from DePauw University. After graduation I served as an officer in the US Navy, including a tour in Viet Nam. I returned to St. Louis and graduated from Washington University School of Law. I am admitted to the practice of law in Missouri and am a member of the state and local bar associations. I have experience in all Missouri and federal courts.
I have focused on Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Business Law and litigation relating to my areas of practice.


My primary goal is delivering quality legal services that are economical and respond to the concerns of my clients. Consistent communication is maintained with my clients. Educating clients is an essential part of my practice.
I firmly believe the clients must be fully informed and in charge of decisions that affects their lives. I attempt to give a complete explanation of reasonable options and probable results to guide clients to a successful conclusion of their legal questions.

Trust an Attorney with experience

Any area of legal practice may involve court proceedings to reach solutions. Success at trial is always a result of careful gathering of information and organization to present a case to a judge or jury that makes sense and can support a decision in favor of the client. Litigation is costly, but when all other possible solutions have been explored the filing of a lawsuit may be required. The client should always select an attorney who not only has trial experience, but also has expertise in the practice are involved in the case.